• national health week
    The week of August 7-13, 2016, is National Health Center Week. This thirty-something-year-old event celebrates quality, reasonably priced and accessible healthcare throughout our nation’s communities, big and small. This year’s theme is Celebrating America’s Health Centers: Innovators In Community Health—one we wholeheartedly stand behind. Bringing Quality Cancer Care to Northern Nevada and Tahoe...
  • HPV Vaccine shot
    July 11 is World Population Day, a day designated by the United Nations to focus on urgent and important population issues. This year's theme is 'Investing in teenage girls.' The theme recognizes that the health and well-being of young girls has a profound impact – not only on their lives, but on that of their families, their communities and the greater world. Here in Nevada, there is a simple,...
  • Breast cancer survivor
    Diana Freeman, a two-time patient at Sierra Nevada Cancer Center, may have stage IV metastatic breast cancer, but she wakes up happy every morning. “I’ve been undergoing treatment for just short of a year and I do feel better now than when I did when I was initially diagnosed,” said the 58-year-old South Lake Tahoe resident. “I lost my hair shortly after starting the treatment but it did come...
  • cancer recovery
    For cancer survivors and patients, recovering from treatment can be both difficult and extremely empowering. One of the most challenging parts of cancer recovery is learning to do things on your own again. In the spirit of the Fourth of July holiday, we’re breaking down ways to regain your independence after cancer treatment. Get ready to start anew, survivors. We’ve got some helpful tips for you...
  • Health Benefits of Swimming
    June 24 is National “Swim a Lap Day” and we’re making a splash about it. We love any excuse to get out and get active in the name of finding our healthiest, happiest self, and swimming is a great way to do just that. Today we’re breaking down the top six health benefits of swimming. Get those swim caps on and let’s dive in. 1. Dual Strength & Cardio Training We love water workouts for so...
  • Hiring: Registered Nurse | Sierra Nevada Cancer Center
    Sierra Nevada Cancer Center is looking for a full-time Registered Nurse. Join our amazing team; please fax your resume to office manager Kristina Benavidez, at  775-883-0877.
  • Man Cancer Risk
    In honor of National Men’s Health Week, we challenge men of all ages to do better in taking charge of their health. Why? Because men aren’t as diligent about managing their healthcare as women are. These statistics from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality are alarming: Males are 24 percent less likely to have been seen by a healthcare professional within a year Males are 32 percent...
  • cancer care
    The cost of rural living Many Nevadans choose to live in the wide open spaces and serenity of rural towns and communities over urban cities. But that choice can come at a price, namely, giving up easy access to many of life’s conveniences – like the library and jumbo box stores – and its necessities – like quality healthcare.   The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has noted a significant disparity...
  • cancer survivor
    As of January 2014, more than 108,000 Nevadans fought the good fight, stayed strong, and kicked cancer’s butt. To say that’s a huge accomplishment is a gross understatement. But now what? Many cancer survivors struggle to get back to life before cancer, or seek a new normal. As National Cancer Survivors Day approaches (June 5), Dr. Perez has some tips for cancer survivors to help live healthier,...
  • bone marrow biopsy
    Donna White, a pastor’s widow from Austin, Nevada, had been extremely fatigued and not feeling well in the early months of 2015. Previously, she had been low on blood, so her primary care doctor sent her to the ER for a pint of blood. After many tests, she was referred to Dr. Perez, a Board certified hematologist.  Though feeling unsettled, Donna was ready to face her health issues head on. “My...