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96 Years Strong, Thanks To Dr. Perez

  • 09.01.2017


Reno resident Dorman Dane was diagnosed with an inoperable form of cancer in one of his vertebrae at 86 years young. The subsequent advice he received from his primary care physician is something Dorman has appreciated every day since. “You need to go see Dr. Perez,” his doctor recommended. “If I ever got cancer, that’s the guy I’d go to.” With complete confidence, Dorman made an appointment at Sierra Nevada Cancer Center.


“After meeting Dr. Perez and doing some tests, I found out I actually had two kinds of cancer,” Dorman said. Dr. Perez had Dorman start chemotherapy right away.


For years, this long-time golfer tolerated the on-again, off-again chemo treatments. “At first, the cancer started to shrink, but then it started coming back,” Dorman recalled. “Dr. Perez said, ‘If it’s not working, we’re not going to do it.’ And just like that, he found the newest treatment to battle my cancers.”


Six month after starting the new therapy, Dorman says his cancer is shrinking, and without adverse side effects. “I started with treatment once a week. Right now, I’m on every other week, which we call ‘vacation’. Soon, I’ll be able to go for treatment once every six months to a year—like a tune-up—and that’s good news.”


Although Dorman lives in a retirement community in Reno, he and his son Jim (who takes him to all of his appointments) are happy to travel to Carson City for treatment. “If somebody’s kept you alive for 10 years, would you want to change?”


Dorman also appreciates the staff at Sierra Nevada Cancer Center. “The pharmacy tech there calls herself a mixologist. She’ll come over and say to me, ‘What do you want in your chemotherapy today?’ I usually say, ‘How about scotch and soda?’”


The now 96-year-old shared a simple but important piece of advice with those recently diagnosed with cancer: “Get on a treatment program immediately. Don’t let it spread.”  


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