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A cancer treatment center that sees every patient as an individual.

cancer treatment
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Today's tools, technologies and therapies make many forms of cancer highly treatable. Sierra Nevada Cancer Centers offer patients in Nevada's northern and western communities the latest in cancer care advancements, offering the most appropriate treatment options.

You are fighting your own cancer battle, so you require your own treatment plan. Whether you are seeking treatment for prostate cancer, treatment for colon cancer or treatment for breast cancer, we work with you and the rest of your care team to develop an individual treatment plan. The length and type of treatment will depend on you, your medical history, and the type of cancer you have. Once we agree on a course of treatment, we will monitor your response and make adjustments to help manage your quality of life. Our goal is to ensure that the cure is never worse than the disease.

Among the most promising and effective tools in our cancer arsenal is chemotherapy. Scientific breakthroughs and skillfully administered chemotherapy treatments have made this treatment option more comfortable for patients than in years past. In addition to chemotherapy, Sierra Nevada Cancer Center uses other FDA approved cancer vaccines, immunotherapies, antibody and biological therapies.

You are not in this battle alone. Your Sierra Nevada Cancer Center team is by your side, providing excellent cancer treatment in Carson City, or another Northern Nevada rural community, as well as convenience and assurance. And Dr. Perez is available to all of his patients anytime, day or night. It is just one more way we are working to improve cancer care for very patient, every day.