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Patient Story

Finding her salvation - and a return to health - in Fernley, Nevada.


Author’s note: While oncology comprises the bulk of Dr. Jorge Perez’s practice, he is board certified in both oncology and hematology. For patients with blood disorders, his knowledge and expertise can be life-changing.


Susan W. was a healthy, fit 55-year old professional living in San Francisco who enjoyed hiking and yoga. Until she wasn’t.


A Granddaughter’s Love & Persistence Led Sandy To Dr. Perez

In early 2017, Sandy Sepsey of Fallon, Nevada had an uneasy feeling—as if a pill was stuck in her throat. She went to her general practitioner to investigate. While initial blood tests came back normal, Sandy knew something wasn’t right and asked for a chest x-ray. It revealed a mass in her right lung, prompting a biopsy that confirmed her suspicion. In March, she was diagnosed with non-operable small cell lung cancer.


Celebrating Moments Both Big & Small

Madelyn Stikes, a retired English and special education teacher, has been training to beat cancer practically her whole life. She just didn’t know it. “I figured out how to help middle schoolers with learning challenges not to give up,” she said. “I believe in doing the best you can with what you have, and I taught that to my students.” 


Fighting Cancer Beautifully

“Friends asked why I didn’t go to the big hospital instead. I trusted my doctor,” Dru said. And she’s glad she did. “When you’re going through cancer, you want people to be nice to you. They know you by name here. They are so supportive.” She added, “Dr. Perez is a very nice, polite doctor, and very educated.”


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