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Early Breast Cancer Diagnosis: Self-Exam vs. Clinical Exam


In terms of breast cancer diagnosis (or any cancer, really), there is a common refrain: The earlier, the better. In the context of cancer, this trite saying can be applied to when the cancer is diagnosed, or “caught.” If you catch a tumor at an earlier stage, your chances of recovery and a return to a high quality of life are far greater.


Because early diagnosis is so important, it’s vital to understand all available diagnostic options. Today we’re discussing two types of breast exam: self and clinical.


Why Self-Exam?

Make a Splash - Discover the Health Benefits of Swimming

June 24 is National “Swim a Lap Day” and we’re making a splash about it. We love any excuse to get out and get active in the name of finding our healthiest, happiest self, and swimming is a great way to do just that. Today we’re breaking down the top six health benefits of swimming. Get those swim caps on and let’s dive in.

1. Dual Strength & Cardio Training


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